What is the Wine Travel Bag?

The Wine Travel Bag

The Wine Travel Bag is a lightweight yet sturdy carry bag designed to hold standard 750 mL sized bottles of wine, liquor and other liquids.

  • HIGH GRADE QUALITY. The Wine Travel Bag has been expertly engineered to ensure the bags are 100% leak proof and of high quality. Don’t risk buying cheap quality wine bags. Our Wine Travel Bags are used all over the world and are stocked by many major retailers and wineries.

  • USE AGAIN & AGAIN. The Wine Travel Bag is reusable so it’s an ideal travel accessory to always keep in your luggage or suitcase as it’s extremely lightweight. Have the option to either take away or bring home your favorite bottle of wine while your travelling, on vacation or holidays.

  • THICK ABSORBENT MATERIAL INSIDE. The Absorbent material inside the bag acts as a protective layer for the wine bottle however in the rare case that the bottle breaks it will absorb the liquid into the material.

  • TWO CUSTOM DESIGNED ZIP LOCKS ON EVERY BAG. Every Wine Travel Bag has not one but two custom designed strong zip locks to ensure all liquid remains inside the bag should a breakage occur. Don’t risk the contents of your suitcase as the Wine Travel Bag does not have any risky glue seals to close the bag.

  • GREAT GIFT IDEA. Struggling what to get for a gift idea without spending too much? The Wine Travel Bag is an ideal gift for Birthdays, Christmas and or Special Occasions. The Wine Travel Bag is a gift that will actually get used!

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